Friday, September 15, 2017

Grand Tour Preview 2018 (In SEPTEMBER)

Way Way Way Too Early Grand Tour Preview 2018

Ok so I couldn’t resist writing something about next year.
And yes I know the routes aren’t out yet, but the Giro route is going to come out September 18 (I’m writing this on Sept 12)

Obviously all the talk is about what Chris Froome will do now that he’s won the Vuelta
And now the big talk is whether or not one day he will try and win all the grand tours in one year
When he was asked about it he said “I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, nothing is impossible, but it would be difficult.”

Let me tell all of you what is going to happen
The Giro route is going to be announced
It’s going to suite Froome perfectly because they want him there
There’s gonna be a 2nd and 3rd week time trial and a maybe a TTT in the first week
With roughly 5 summit finishes
One time trial is gonna be 35-40 k and nearly pancake flat
The other is gonna have a short and sharp climb and is gonna be like 25-30k
The TTT is going to be long enough for Team Sky to be dominate enough for Froome to want to go, so they’ll bring Kwiatkowski, Kyrienka, and Moscon to help Froome
Then Froome will ride the Tour, and if he somehow pulls of the double, he’ll go to the Vuelta and try to win

Honestly if there is one team and one rider that can pull it off it is Sky and Froome
Let me put it this way, if the Giro is at all like what I said, Froome will train hard for the ITTs and less for the mountains so he can be fresher for the Tour
He’ll try and do what Dumoulin did, just try and stick with the climbers for as long as possible and then smash them in the ITTs
Of course Dumoulin could go to the Giro and ruin the party but I feel like he would want to go to the tour fresh

Alright so I could be way off, obviously Froome wants that 5th tour, he's said that that is the priority but he hasn't ruled out the Giro for next year
But also he's spoken about how when he retires he wants to be remembered for giving all the grand tours a good try

I have more reasons why Froome may go for the treble, but I think I'll post a video describing why he could do it and why he might try. I'll announce when I put the video up on youtube, my channel is ProCyclingAnalysis.

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